Why Texas Custom Trucks?

Formerly known as Comanche Enterprises, Texas Custom Trucks has been in business for over 20 years with long time employees who know what customization is all about!

Why should I customize my vehicle?

You may choose to customize your vehicle for a variety of reasons. Protection, resale value, personalization, the list goes on. Choose Texas Custom Trucks for your customizations to ensure quality work and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Do you carry items in stock?

As a general rule, we do not carry most items in stock. Due to all of the year, make and model specifications today, it would be incredibly difficult to stock every item for each specific vehicle. HOWEVER, most of our products are shipped from our suppliers and in our shop within (1) business day! You will not be charged any shipping fees unless you are special ordering a product.

Do your products come warrantied?

Most of our products do come with warranties, including our spray liners for truck beds. Most companies will only sell to dealers. You could easily buy a product off of the internet and have it shipped to your home address, but these products are usually not warrantied. This is why going through a licensed dealer, such as Texas Custom Trucks, is always the best option.

Can we do our own product install?

Of course! Carry out is always an option! However, we understand that complications may arise so do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment for installation!

Will you install a product even if it was not purchased through your business?

Yes, but your product will not be covered under warranty. Call ahead for install pricing.

What is your hourly labor charge?

Our labor charge depends on the product we are being asked to install. Call ahead for install pricing.

If I have an issue with a product, will I be charged to come in and have it adjusted?

We almost always adjust products or find a solution to your problem free of charge! Just call ahead and let us know the issue and when you would like to come by!